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MapInSpire the original application solutions making accessible and combining avaliable map services, containing a rich superstructure for users working from different disciplines.

Applications MapInSpire is built on progressive technology Microsoft ASP.NET and there is a multi-year development (since 2005) and know-how of MGE DATA company.

The application accesses the services of the type of map through defined interfaces.

  • ESRI Arc IMS
  • UMN MapServer (Minnesota)
  • Intergraph GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise
  • Autodesk webguide

From these map services will cut removes the requested map and atribute data.


The functions MapInSpire tools available through direct elections are:

  • View the map as a whole (all country) or mapping the cut with related features like redraw the map, zoom in or out and shift.
  • Displaying the current scale and geographic coordinates of the selected point.
  • Interactive measurement of distances on the displayed map.
  • Information about the selected object on the map.
  • Print maps or selected cut.


  • Search by specified location / address / territory.
  • Defined thematic role, i.e. the selection of more defined composition of map services, such as territorial and administrative breakdown, integrated pollution register, Statistical Office, Transport, etc.
  • Display layers available a defined role, including their metadata.
  • Display a legend for the role, respectively. map layer.
  • Possibility of customization, i.e. the way of working with objects, map scale and coordinates of centre.

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