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MobiClip GL

off-line Interviewer Meter

MobiClip GL

MobiClip GL is simple and affordable device, which is designed for supervising field workers on their passages out of office. MobiClip GL is dedicated especially for research agencies, postal delivery and geomarketing data collectors. The result is accurate data about time and place of interview, delivery place (courier, postman) or other places of interest visited during working time.


  • Ublox 5 Assisted GPS, GALILEO – 50 Sat., Fix 1 sec.
  • Simple Keyboard
  • Battery control sensor
  • Sleep status sensor


  • Internal memory – from 128Mb to 512Mb = 3 months of data collection – 1 sec. tact
  • Measures fast positioning 0.1 sec (optimum 1 sec)
  • Time to first fix in 1–10 seconds in average
  • On batteries up to 150 hours (depends on configuration and conditions)
  • Monochromatic display


  • Time to last good position / signal


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