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OOH Laser Visual Adjustment


MobiVist Laser Scann brings new high-end methodology of collecting OOH Visibility Parameters. The device is equipped with broad range of sensors including Laser, Camera and GPS / GALILEO. By the help of MobiVist it is possible to get the most typically collected data in high accuracy, short time and by one device.

The main target of measuring with MobiVist is to get unify evaluation of OOH networks in high accuracy and independently to subjective evaluation of fieldworker.


  • Laser Scan
  • Compass
  • CCD Camera
  • Ublox 5 assisted assisted GPS, GALILEO – 50 Sat., Fix 1 sec.
  • Self adjusting horizontal accelerometers


  • remote control
  • holder
  • case


  • Compass: angel to the street(s) or an azimuth
  • Laser: the distance to all main street links – visibility area ± 180 degrees (beam accuracy 0.15 degree)
  • CCD camera: geometrically referenced video track enabling to review the site afterwards with distance and angle synchronized


  • USB 2.0
  • Beeper and LED for status reports and alerts
  • online (GPRS) transmition in 3–5 sec (during charging or any time)
  • remonte control

MobiVist Data Explorer

Example of data output – MobiVist Data Explorer – videotrack and values

Google Earth

Example of Data Output – Data in Google Earth

2D output

Example of Data Output – 2D output

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