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Custom Software

MGE DATA is equipped with own design and manufacturing software centre. Our team of programming engineers have about 15 years’ experiences in the field of GIS analytical and viewing SW, DataBases and Internet DB solutions, Body and faces recognition and other software solutions which is useful in mobility and media research and GEOmarketing field. We are able to modify our or design new software to fully satisfy project requirements.

Our products, especially the MobiTest Data Explorer®, VAI portal or Water Information Portal, are well known throughout the Europe and are recognized for their workmanship and high level of customization to achieve the most convenient solution for each individual project.

Our domain expertise includes

  • Mapmaker
  • Editor of (water) legal evidence
  • Waste Management Tracking
  • Mobitest Data Explorer
  • PTV Map and Guide
  • SPOT
  • PMS
  • Mobitest Data Explorer
  • Mobitest Online Portal
  • MapInSpire
  • eSticker

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