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MobiTest GProGSL

on-line Data Collection Meter

MobiTest GProGSL

MobiTest GProGSL is designed for profesional users. Device is equipped with broad range of sensors as GPS/GALILEO modul, bar code scanner, alphanumeric keyboard, GSM and many more. By the help of GSM modul it is possible to activate on-line data transfer and on-line firmware updating. MobiTest GProGSL was primarily designed for assorted data collecting in time and accurate position. MobiTest GPrGSL is useful for e.g. OOH panels and other POI localization and data collecting.

There is wide range of customization to achieve the most convenient solution for each individual project. See comon options below.


  • Ublox 5 assisted assisted GPS, GALILEO – 50 Sat., Fix 1 sec.
  • 3 Acclerometer sensors
  • Bar code scanner
  • Thermometer
  • Microphone / Speaker
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard


  • Internal memory – from 128Mb to 512Mb = 3 months of data collection – 1 sec. tact
  • Measures fast positioning 0.1 sec (optimum 1 sec)
  • Time to first fix in 1–10 seconds in average
  • On batteries without sleep mode up to 100 hours (depends on configuration and conditions)
  • Monochromatic display


  • Compass: bearing
  • Barcode: EAN and other norms
  • ACC: X,Y,Z 10Hz Acceleration
  • TEMP: temperature
  • MIC: sound


  • online (GPRS) transmition in 3–5 sec (during charging or any time)
  • An alternative is USB 2.0
  • Beeper and LED for status reports and alerts
  • Monochromatic display

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