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Swiss post & MobiTest GSL

20.02.2014, 10:25 - The Company Swiss post has become a new user of MobiTest GSL technology in Switzerland.
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28.12.2012, 22:27 - Our company started the new project MobiCam serving for monitoring of number of vehicles moving in front of frames und for checking of the illumination of the frame.The principle of monitoring of motion lies in the creating of the virtual gate on the street . The sensor calculates the motion of some objects through this gate and the results of this counting are published Online on the Web ...
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The study of mobility of outdoor advertising in Poland

18.09.2012, 12:41 - MGE Data was asked for cooperation by Polish association of outdoor advertising PBO (Ströer, Clear channel and AMS) on a project, which is focused on the measurement of outdoor advertising audience on the area of Poland. For the purposes of this project MGE Data has provided 500 MobiTest GSL devices.
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Česká pojišťovna, a.s. & MobiTest

21.12.2011, 12:42 - The Company Česká pojišťovna, a.s. (big insurance company) has become a new user of MobiTest technology in Czech Republic. The purpose of this project is testing of new methods to solve insurance events.
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New MobiTest GSL

08.12.2011, 15:39 - The employees of Brno University of Technology are currently testing the MobiTest GSL devices of the second generation. They have chosen the devices because of high accuracy of used accelerometer sensors.
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