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Visibility measurement

Visibility measurement is developed mainly for Outdoor Advertising; however there are other usage – e.g. traffic. There are more and more requirements to have an exact data about Outdoor Advertising Network. In the time of new technologies surrounding all branches incl. media research field; it is not enough to evaluate individual panels just by subjectivity of each field worker.

Today we are able to measure and evaluate each OOH panel by the help of sophisticated high end technologies tools as a GPS and Laser Video Scanning.

OOH Visibility data includes

  • GPS position
  • azimuth of turning
  • video record of space in front of the panel – from the perspective of centre of the panel
  • digital 3D model of the area in front of the panel – recorded by laser scanner from the perspective of centre of the panel
  • exact data about distances from panel from all point of possible view on the panel
  • data can be presented in the Google Earth application and other GIS software

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