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Traffic intensity mapping

Urban, highway, etc.

Transport intensity mapping is made to determine the utilization of the transport in different locations. This information forms the basis for creating frequency atlases, which serve as input for development projects and geomarketing studies such as evaluation of outdoor advertising.

MGE DATA Technology – MobiTest® / MobiCam® for mapping traffic intensity

  • traffic intensity data can be traced from mobility studies conducted with a GPS device MobiTest® and MGE DATA as technology supplier and processor of measured data
  • supervision of staff who conduct traffic census by the help of GPS devices MobiTest® and MGE data as a technology supplier and processor of measured data (check the exact position according to GPS coordinates of field workers)
  • census of traffic using video technology and software for counting vehicles and pedestrians

MobiTest® MobiCam®

Public transportation

Mapping of public transport is carried out in order:

  • digitizing paths for subsequent viewing on web and GIS applications
  • checking routes and times of stops etc.
  • geomarketing purposes

MGE DATA Technology – MobiTest® for mapping public transport

Tracking of three different routes per day

Tracking of three different routes per day

MobiTest Online Portal

MobiTest Online Portal

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